Archaeology from the future

Fast forward a millenium. Earth has become nothing but a heap of ruin. A world forgotten in time and space... Almost. Coming from the outer limits of the cosmos, a race discovers our planet. Seeing it desolate, with no explanation why, they start to dig the surface, excavating the past.


Degree Project


Editorial Design



[un]earth offers us a vision. One that a civilization from space is going to lay on our society, our lifestyle, our behaviours. A project that uses sience-fiction to speak about the problems in our world, a glimpse that helps us question its methods. This project is a graphic anthology, a history book that tells us a tale, a new myth of world destruction.

The immersion had to be complete. The aliens have their own writing, a limitless curiosity. They offer us their understanding of our world as they discovered it, and the harvested digital relics, damaged by time.

This project has been particularly fun because it blended a lot of different mediums and skills. And it allowed me to dive into written storytelling, something that I had only experienced graphically before.

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Thumbnails of the illustrations

Amongst the artwork I created to accompany the book is a full timeline of the events that are described in the book.

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Thumbnails from the timeline