Arnaud Darré

Graphic & Web Designer

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London-based designer with 10 years of experience working for web agencies and digital consultancies in France and the UK. I specialise in Brand Identity & Design Systems and UI/UX Design.

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How I approach design:

Let's draw something together!

Graphic design, whether for print or digital medium, are not so different from a drawing composition. It all has to do with the use of breathing space around elements, colours, hierarchy and contrast.

This is why each design should start with a pen and paper. This playful but effective method enhances creativity by shortening the gap between the brain and the design tool, your hand.

What I like doing:

Editorial Design

Layout of various materials such as books, catalogs, leaflets, etc.



Web Design

Design and prototyping of websites and mobile apps, from wireframes to final designs.

Front-end Development

Proficient in HTML, CSS/SASS, Javascript and React.



Branding & design systems

Logo, identity and style guide, on multiple communication mediums, and management of the evolution of that brand.



Motion Design

Motion design video production, using After Effects or frame by frame animation.




Feel free to drop me a line of you're interested, or if you simply want to have a chat