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Applied Blockchain

Stock and ticketing platform

Back-office desktop and mobile app for a warehouse management system

This project was less focused on design, and it allowed me to focus on UX and feature design, creating wireframes, user stories and feature flows with the client and then prototyping them for developers.

Stock and ticketing platform

Figma prototype

Before creating the screens, I designed the user flows, and how the two systems (admin and warehouse) would work together. I then designed the wireframes and prototype using Figma to showcase the flows to the client.

The app is composed of two systems, a deskop admin platform and an app for the management of stock by warehouse workers. You can experience the two prototypes in action below.

Design system

The last part of the project was the creation and documentation of a design system and reusable components. The whole system was designed and documented on Figma, which help developers understand and code it.

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